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Rug creator & Illustrator

For over 15 years, Marguerite Le Maire has been designing bespoke rugs, in addition to collaborating with architects, decorators and private clients on their diverse interior design projects.


A qualified textile designer and illustrator, she offers personalized designs, models, weaving and finishing. The choice of designs, patterns, materials and dyes is infinite, and Marguerite dedicates herself to making the rugs just right for the room they’ll inhabit, for both professional projects and private clients.


MLM Creation, founded in 2017, works alongside several manufacturers, located mainly in France, Portugal and Nepal. Each manufacturer offers a unique expertise, that manifests itself through the high quality of their fibres, the artistry of their craftsmanship and their highly developed know-how, often rooted in ancestral traditions. Through her understanding of the particular strengths of each manufacturer, Marguerite has forged trusting relationships with them and knows which expertise will make the best fit with which project.

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